began in 2012 and has since sold hundreds of wraps to over 40 states. We specialize in predesigned wraps - wraps that are printed in panels and allow you to custom fit your RC body. We also offer complete custom wraps, in which you can supply measurements, sponsor decals and design ideas for your "one of a kind" or "look-a-like" wrap.

Most orders ship within 7-10 business days (M-F) of order. Custom orders ship 7-10 business days after final approval.

Orders are shipped as soon as they are available. We do our best to ship  within these time frames. We do not expedite shipping or printing unless approval is made prior to purchase.


All sales final. The nature of the product does not allow for returns. 

However, if you have an issue with our products, please contact us. We will do the best we can to make the issue right.

- PRODUCT DEFECT: If for some reason the product is defective (has a printing defect or a material defect, you may be asked to return it). Please notify us immediately if you think your wrap is defective.


- WRONG / MISSING ORDER: We are human, we make mistakes. Please let us know in a timely manner if you received the wrong item or if your order has not arrived.


- SOMETHING DOESN'T LOOK RIGHT: If you believe that there is something wrong with the size of the wrap or style, let us know (politely) what is wrong and we will do our best to make it right. We will ask you questions that will require you to help us determine the exact issue.


- I'm a BOO-HOO BABY: I don't like what I got...I'm sorry. If you got what you ordered, it was shipped to you, and you just don't like what it looks like on your car, SORRY! You can't return it. We do not do returns on used products.




We do our best to provide the best pricing that we can to our customers. That being said we cannot donate to every event. If you have an event you would like us to donate or sponsor, please email


Please include - Event Title, Date and Location
Expected Number of Participants
Entry Fees and Sponsorship Request

At the completion of the event we require photos be sent to us of the event (preferably some photos of winners of our products). If photos are not submitted, future donations will not be made to your event(s).


For people seeking a REAL sponsorship. Please submit an email to answering the following questions.




Email Address

Classes that you typically run?

How long have you been racing RC?

Do you like on Facebook? What's your Facebook name?

Have you ordered from before? If so, what did you buy and do you have photos of our products on your rc car?

Write 1-3 paragraphs explaining how you would be a great ambassador - use the following to help you answer this 

- Can I bring more money to the company than what I am wanting from them? 

- Am I marketable? Positive? Do I post things that help people? Do I look like someone that looks the part? There's a fine line between posting like a robot with generic posts that look like every other Instagram out there AND posting being yourself/not copying others

- Am I successful in the sport? If not, then what can you bring that is going to set you apart from the field?

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