Examples are letter style T.


Height measurement of this product is from the top of any capital letter or ascender to the bottom of any decender including the outline. For example if you purchase 1/3" decal of a last name Taylor - the 1/3" will begin at the outside edge of the outline above the T and will go to the outside edge of the outline at the bottom of the y. All measurements include the outline.

Sponsor Names

Letter Color
Shadow Color
Letter Style
Name / Sponsor Height - 1 & 2
Name / Sponsor Height - 3 & 4
  • A custom name / sponsor set comes with 4 name / sponsor decals These decals are all 2-color vinyl, lettering and numbers only - no logos.


    You will receive 4 decals (2 decals in 2 sizes or 4 decals all the same size).


    Length of decal is proportionate to letter style chosen. If you have a specific length, please note it in checkout.

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